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The Mandralisca Museum in Cefalù and the mysterious portrait of Antonello da Messina

The famous Portrait of an Unknown Sailor (also called Portrait of a Man), besides being an extraordinary work by Antonello da Messina dating back to the 15th century, is a wonderful puzzle in the history of Cefalù. The enigma is already in the double title: while the people have evoked the fascinating figure of a sailor, with a mocking and sly smile, more than an art historian has identified, thanks to the shape of the clothes, a wealthy man, perhaps a baron.

The work is now housed in the Mandralisca Museum, but his special relationship with Cefalù survives in “Il sorriso dell’ignoto marinaio” (The smile of the unknown sailor) by Vincenzo Consolo, a “thoroughbred” Sicilian writer and great friend of Leonardo Sciascia. In the novel, Antonello da Messina’s masterpiece is only the fulcrum of a story whose protagonist is Baron Mandralisca himself and the scene is the arrival of Garibaldi’s troops in Cefalù, shaken by peasant riots.

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