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The Feast of the Patron Saint of Cefalu: The S.S. Salvatore

Every year Cefalù honors the Santissimo Salvatore by celebrating one of the oldest and most evocative Liturgies of the Transfiguration. On August 2nd all the ancient devotion is concentrated in the majestic rite of the unfolding of the Flag: at the center of two towers of the Basilica stands the symbol of Christ Pantocrator, accompanied by the sound of bells. At the origin of the rite that much of “sacred and profane” all Italian: Cefalù practiced the port of France starting from that date (August 2 to 10, the date on which the flag is in fact lowered again) and merchants could therefore enter “by land and sea”, as proof of one of the many ancient concessions of King Roger. On the last day of the festivities, the statue of Christ (the work of Salvatore Restivo, a sculptor born in Cefalù) is carried in procession: even today the blessing is still very much felt to the fishermen, who vote for the Most Holy Savior with the same secular devotion.

Do you want to know more? Come to Cefalù, book your holiday today and attend the Feast of the Most Holy Savior of the Transfiguration. You can stay at Casa Vitrani and watch the unfolding of the Flag! You will find an apartment recently renovated but ideally connected, in shape and atmosphere, to the houses of the fishermen who lived there.


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