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The Mandralisca Museum in Cefalù and the mysterious portrait of Antonello da Messina
The famous Portrait of an Unknown Sailor (also called Portrait of a Man), besides being an extraordinary work by Antonello da Messina dating back to the 15th century, is a wonderful puzzle in the [...]
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Cefalù: the Temple of Diana and the primitive cult of water
Visiting the Fortress of Cefalù, you can see the remains of an ancient Norman castle. But before this place became a military outpost with a defensive function, what was the Fortress hiding? Even [...]
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All the festivals in Cefalù
Cefalù is not only sea, Cefalù is a village full of charm, folklore, celebrations and festivals! July and August are considered the ideal months to enjoy the beauty and history of Cefalù, but in [...]
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“Fruottole”: Cefalu in party!
What is the Fruottola in Cefalù? It is not a lie, as the term “frottola” is often understood, nor a “musical poetry”, as literary critics would rush to tell us. Imagine [...]
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The Feast of the Patron Saint of Cefalu: The S.S. Salvatore
Every year Cefalù honors the Santissimo Salvatore by celebrating one of the oldest and most evocative Liturgies of the Transfiguration. On August 2nd all the ancient devotion is concentrated in [...]
Sicilian Traditions: The “‘ntinna a Mari” in Cefalù
The so-called “‘ntinna a mari” is one of the most ancient Sicilian traditions and competitions (its origin probably dates back to the first sailing ships) celebrated every year [...]
A triumph of colours: the Madonie Park
The geology of the Madonie is a marvelous puzzle that has fascinated scholars from all over the world for centuries. We are not only talking about “cold” scientific investigations: [...]
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Cefalù’s thousand names
It was the Phoenicians who named the area of today’s Cefalù (whose first settlements undoubtedly date back to prehistoric times) with a term perhaps “borrowed” from Aramaic: [...]
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