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A triumph of colours: the Madonie Park

The geology of the Madonie is a marvelous puzzle that has fascinated scholars from all over the world for centuries. We are not only talking about “cold” scientific investigations: the Madonie embody a natural, aesthetic and landscape heritage unique in the world.

Wild lilies, orchids, dog roses, peonies: the Madonie Park is a riot of colours, plants and flowers, rich vegetation and natural harmony. The ancient aromas then, evoke the triumph of nature.

A triumph to be celebrated with the five senses in this oasis of peace and beauty: chestnuts, mushrooms, citrus fruits, olive and almond trees, heather, almond pears, wild blackthorns. And the golden brooms, a stone’s throw from the rivers and small streams, deliver water to the sea.

Because, if you look closely, the sea is the only uncontaminated setting capable of withstanding such wild beauty!

Book at Poggio Pozzetti to enjoy the natural panorama of the Madonie Park! Surrounded by the mountains of the Park, Poggio Pozzetti is an eco-sustainable and environmentally friendly structure, equipped with all comforts, large terraces. A bright environment from which you can admire, even by the pool, not only the Park, but also the Tyrrhenian Sea!

The Poggio Pozzetti rural tourism center is the ideal solution for your holidays! Book with BookingCefalu!


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